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Quarantine TV Recommendations: The Hulu Edition

By Lauren Bradshaw How’s everyone holding up in the quarantine? I, for one, have been spending a lot of time watching movies and television shows ... Read more

21 hours ago by Contributor.

Spiritual and religious

By Scott Baker Not too many years ago, I heard about a Pew research study that cited many more Americans are identifying as “spiritual but ... Read more

2 days ago by Contributor.

The chaos of Pentecost

By Charles Qualls Let me remind you of a story I love to tell now and then. This year on Pentecost, it seems fitting for ... Read more

3 days ago by Contributor.

Racism and our faith

By Nathan Decker “Racism isn’t natural, it’s taught. Stop teaching it.” – Meme on Facebook One of my mentors, Dr. Steve Plymale, taught Gospels and ... Read more

5 days ago by Contributor.

A is for Agriculture and America

HUNTERDALE Jason Cobb moves his tractor over a field on Bethel Road. Before the rain came on Wednesday, he was planting cotton. Cobb said the ... Read more

1 week ago by Stephen Cowles.

Looking Back: City’s light plant evolved into fire station, business

By Clyde Parker The buildings that would later become the home of the Franklin Fire Department, and much later Highground Services Inc., were constructed, incrementally, ... Read more

1 week ago by Contributor.

Looking up at the sky

By Charles Qualls In 2002, I took a group to work with Romany people in a small village in Hungary. We flew on Air France ... Read more

1 week ago by Contributor.

Theophany … is that a new hymn or something?

By Nathan Decker “Tranquil spectators — you brave souls Who contemplate your brothers’ wreck — You research in peace the cause of thunderstorms, But your ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Contributor.

Incarnational with a different spin

By Scott Baker In the Episcopal church, we often characterize our collective theology as an “incarnational theology.” Meaning that, we understand God most explicitly in ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

If you can’t preach like Paul

By Charles Qualls We’ve been there. Well, at least we’ve been to the place that Christian tradition holds to have been … the place. We ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Contributor.

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