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Things could have been a lot worse

Thursday evening’s snowfall may have inconvenienced some Western Tidewater area residents with power outages, traffic delays and needing to make last-minute child care arrangements when ... Read more | Add your comment

Nikita Khrushchev’s posthumous victory

By Dr. William Scott During the early part of the Cold War years (’50s and ’60s), Nikita Khrushchev uttered, “If you don’t like us, don’t ... Read more | Add your comment

Defending my church when no one else will

By Christine Flowers The accusations of pedophilia in the Catholic church have never faded from the public eye, and while there are moments when other ... Read more | Add your comment

Science discovers benefits of Christianity

By Michael Shannon CNN issued a study a while back that found regularly attending church may increase a Christian’s lifespan, while at the same time ... Read more | Add your comment

Burn with care

Are you familiar with the 4 p.m. burn law in Virginia? If not, now’s the time to know because it went into effect on Saturday, ... Read more | Add your comment

A is for Agriculture

As reported earlier this week, a former Windsor Elementary School teacher has been honored for her work in promoting agriculture in her lesson plans. Specifically, ... Read more | Add your comment

Bernie underwhelms Yogi Berra Democrats

By Dick Polman Yogi Berra has a timely warning for the fractured Democratic party. The baseball legend and accidental oracle is reputed to have said, ... Read more | Add your comment

Nearly all our presidents were big baseball ‘bugs’

By Joe Guzzardi Out of all our presidents, not many are suspected of being indifferent to baseball. The most notable is probably Thomas Jefferson, who ... Read more | Add your comment

Council should be extra judicious with requests

While it’s encouraging news to learn that the City of Franklin is reportedly doing better money-wise, we trust the city council members will prudently heed ... Read more | Add your comment

Do greeting cards face a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre?

By Danny Tyree Spending a rainy Saturday afternoon reminiscing over congratulatory keepsakes stored in the attic. Clutching vintage Valentines purchased at an estate sale. Sorting ... Read more | Add your comment

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