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The coming election – VI

To the Editor: Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3. This is the most important election in 150-plus years. What direction is our country going? Can ... Read more

They are learning

By Nathan Rice He aimed the blade toward the top of the pumpkin. I said, “Remember to cut the top at a slight angle, so ... Read more

Secrets will be revealed

To the Editor: He is coming back here to judge us. If you have any secrets, get them out in the open. Men, if you ... Read more

The coming election – V

To the Editor: Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country. If you’re old enough ... Read more

Remaining fair to candidates

Within the past month, a few people have written either letters or columns stating political views, particularly who they think should be voted into office. ... Read more

Who do we want to be?

To the Editor: Slavery has been around a long time … thousands of years. It’s even in the Bible. And we like to pretend that ... Read more

Fall into the season with care

One of the understandable concerns of our pandemic-infested lives is how to regain any sense of normalcy, especially where holidays such as Halloween are concerned. ... Read more

Biden represents existential threat to freedom, liberties

By Ash Cutchin Your guidelines suggest we write about issues. It is difficult to discuss or write about issues without mentioning individuals, but I will ... Read more

The coming election IV

To the Editor: Why do we need a Republican slate elected in this general election? Who’s to blame for allowing our country to lurch toward ... Read more

McEachin urges participation in census

By Congressman Donald McEachin This has been a busy September. Although my offices are still predominantly closed, I do have a couple of staffers in ... Read more

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