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Natural Landscaping Part 2

By Brenda Peters Master Naturalist In my first column, I shared how I had decided to make better use of a natural landscape using a ... Read more

4 days ago by Contributor.

A chick-chick here, a chick-chick there

SURRY These motley Amercauna chicks (aka Easter Egg layers) were photographed by Zoey Compton, 10, of Surry for the area online 4-H photo contest that ... Read more

5 days ago by Contributor.

It’s canning season

Gardens are growing and farmers markets are open! We all enjoy the fresh, local produce while it is in season but that season is short. ... Read more

5 days ago by Staff Reports.

Simple precautions help hydrangeas to thrive

By Kristi Hendricks What could remind me more of summertime visits to Grandma’s house than hydrangeas blooming in the landscape? Watching her spread the morning’s ... Read more

1 week ago by Contributor.

Mountain-mints easy to grow in the home garden

By Helen Hamilton Mountain-mints Pycnanthemum tenuifolium/muticum What’s not to like about a native perennial that is attractive to bees and butterflies, does not spread aggressively ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Contributor.

Planting with purpose

By Mary Catherine Foster Master Naturalist When driving along some of the less traveled roads of Western Tidewater, you may have the opportunity to slow ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Contributor.

male eastern hercules beetle

Eastern Hercules beetles impressive to see

By John Bunch Virginia Master Naturalist The Eastern Hercules beetle, also known as the Rhinoceros beetle (Dynastes tityus), is the largest beetle living in our ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

chippokes state park

Virginia State Parks open

SURRY The Chippokes Plantation State Park, along with all other state parks, has reopened. According to information posted on, the park grounds are open ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

Reckless boating is a crime

Spirit of Moonpie and I spent the 26th through the 28th on the Blackwater below Franklin. The water was a little high, clear and fast. ... Read more

1 month ago by Jeff Turner.

seniors and gardening

Working with elderly gardeners

By Kristi Hendricks I am currently visiting with my aunt who has been an avid gardener for my entire life. Her back yard is adjacent ... Read more

2 months ago by Staff Reports.

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